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Jun 28,  · Download Hexic apk for Android. COME ON! NOW THE HEXAGONAL BOARD! Join the numbers and get to the popttartss.tking System: ANDROID. Sep 20,  · This is a new BLOCK Match puzzle game. Hexic Puzzle - The Block Hexa Puzzle Premium Deluxe is a very fun and exciting block match puzzle game, it makes you keep playing for FREE! Hexagon Puzzle Deluxe Block HD is the KING of BRAIN TEASERS! Hexic Puzzle is a tetris style exciting block puzzle game. Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages/5(8). The real fun of Hexic is in creating special patterns to earn special pieces. Create a flower to earn a starflower piece. Use starflower pieces to make another flower and earn the elusive black pearl. Make a cluster or flower out of black pearls to win the game. Are you up for the challenge?

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Hexic is an Addictive Game Like created and published by smart play and. It is an excellent Single-player Puzzle video game available to play on iOS and Android platform only. Just like the originalthe game also offers similar objective to create by adding the numbers of titles. When two same numbers of tiles crash together, they merge into the one tile which is the sum of hexic game for android tiles. There are multiple modes available in the game such as Survival mode, X-tile mode, and Classic mode as well as various grids that make the game more interesting.

With simple touch controls, easy mechanics, and relaxing gameplay. Hexic is a best for those players who want to enjoy game with the new twist. All 15 Android 12 iOS Here is another brand new video game like that offer similar gameplay with the exciting twist. In this game, the player aim is similar just likehexic game for android, but in this game, the player cannot merging the same number of tiles because there is no number title available in the game.

Hexic game for android Details, hexic game for android. Digit Disorder is an easy to play but hard to master video game that is specially made for math lovers. It offers similar gameplay to video game with hexic game for android new exacting twist to make the game challenging. The gameplay of this game is inspired by Threes and video games. The game offers exciting gameplay in which the player can match the numbers in order to create specific number such asand 80 etc.

The game is specially made for those player who want to test his mind. The ultimate objective of this game is that the player must subtract the numbers from given tile on gird in order to get zero to pass through the levels. White is a Mind-twisting Math Puzzle video game like Threes and It offers similar gameplay with enhanced mechanics, enjoyable gameplay, and new modes as well as lots of new exciting features to make the game interesting.

In this game, the ultimate task of the player is swap and match the same number of tiles in order to create The gameplay of the game is inspired bybut this is more complicated as compared to It is a fantastic video game in which the player can move and add various tiles whose sum up is In this game, the main task of the player joins the similar numbers of the block and collect goldstone. It is a wonderful video game that trains his mind by solving the various.

Betract is an Addictive Puzzle video game that is available to play on the mobile platforms only. The gameplay of the game is almost same to the famous game of Threes that will train your brain with all the exciting and challenging puzzle, hexic game for android. The game is based on the evolution in that allows the player to keep the rule of and hunt numbers of monsters, hexic game for android.

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hexic game for android


Apr 05,  · Hexic For PC is a very awesome game where you can enjoy a lot while playing. You can have fun on this hexagonal board. You can play this game on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop and tablet. Here, you can also play Hexic game on different operating system such as android, Windows 7 / 8 / / 10 / XP / Vista, iOS, Mac. Apr 13,  · Hello everyone, I am brand new to my Droid and am looking for the game Hexic for my Droid. Does anyone know if there is one out there or one very similar available for my phone. Jun 28,  · COME ON! NOW THE HEXAGONAL BOARD! Join the numbers and get to the tile on the hexagon board! Swipe to move all tiles. When two /5(K).